Hal & Melanie Young

Hal & Melanie Young

Serendipitous Speaking

What's serendipitous? It means finding a pleasant surprise along the way. We think that's a perfect way to describe something we love to do.

We love to talk about raising boys, building a great marriage, and homeschooling and sometimes we find ourselves available to stop and speak when we're traveling through an area anyway. Want to meet us and have a chance to talk? It's easy!

What kind of things do you speak about?

We speak on parenting, marriage and family life, homeschooling and more. Download our magazine style Speaker Kit to learn more!

You may be wondering, "How much does it cost??? I've heard it's expensive having speakers!"

That's the great news! Since we're traveling through anyway, there are no travel expenses! So, small groups that could never otherwise afford to have us come, can easily do so if we're passing through!

Do I need a big group or a big city to draw from?

! Folks that we've done this with have found it easy and fun and had a good turnout — even in small towns and small groups!

What do I need?

Not much! A location like a church or community building or even a roomy house and a way to get the word out like your homeschool or church email loop or newsletter.

We just ask that we are allowed to sell our books and CDs  and that you either provide an honorarium or take up an offering. We also ask you to provide a place for us to stay that night. That's it. See, easy!

How do I get in touch?

Contact us and fill out our Speaking Interest form. We'll be in touch with you the next time we're planning a trip to your area!

Here's where we'll be passing through in the next few months — if you're nearby (like anywhere in these states! and you'd like to have us, use the contact form or email us at info(at)raisingrealmen(dot)com! We're looking forward to meeting you!

If you're area isn't listed, stay tuned — we may be coming through soon, or visit our main speaking page to see about arranging a special trip to speak to your group!